The only thing you need to survive in New York.

Day 36 of 365, Nyc 

Today I had my orientation for a photography program at SVA the School of Visual arts in the heart of Chelsea.  Its been exactly a year since I last lived in New York City.  Today was an instant flashback of how much I hate carrying a backpack, how extremely hot or cold New York's weather is, how much I love meeting new people, and that New York really does have the best food.  New York just has a way of bringing out the best in some people and the worst in others.   I think its a mix for me. Specifically if I don't have one thing and that is the #1 thing I need to survive New York....a shower.  I sweat my bean bags off today walking to and from orientation meetings at different buildings and not having an apartment to shower at right now is really making me anxious to get home and get clean.  Summers in the North East feel like summers in tropical jungles.  Hoping we can move into an apartment asap so I can finally end my days in New York with a hot shower and a beer instead of a long ride home.