Day 36 of 365 Finding Work

These past few weeks have been the most stressful hectic and uncertain time of my life, but I have never felt so composed.  Instead of freaking out or getting stressed about shitty situations and mistakes out of my control I have been working all summer to be a more positive person.  When bad shit happens that really only effects myself, 99% of the time it is nothing to lose sleep over unless it is about your health then yeah go to the doctor, exercise get help but I still don't think stress will help it.  I made a mental switch to feel the same way about money.  I used to freak out a lot more when it came to money but now I understand it is solely in my hands.  Speaking for myself here, there is no excuse for me to not have money.  I used to blame it on my small town, shit economy, no jobs in photography etc.  This quite frankly is BULLSHIT.  If you've got the gusto to get off your ass and be persistent and ask people lots of people daily for work, well than you will find it and thats exactly what I did.  I found manual labor work, just so happens to be the easiest work to come by because well a lot of people avoid struggle.  As for photography work, I took a different route.   I just keep producing work everyday and I let some of it find me now but for the past 2 years this wasn't how it went at all.  I was doing the same thing I did to find the manual labor side jobs I did all summer.  I would email my favorite clothing companies to collaborate on shoots.  Ask them to send me products and that I would photograph them.  I would promise 10 photos and deliver 20-40 if they were happy trading products for 10 photos I always knew they would be super happy with more so long as they were quality.   After building a rapport maybe 2, 3, 4 or more shoots in shooting for nothing more than products I most of the time give away because they send me the models sizes I finally started to see some dividends coming in.  It is still slow as far as living off of photography all together, but it's not the quantity of the clients you have it's the quality.  If you end up getting one client that does 4 shoots a year for 250k well then I think most of us would be pretty happy with that.  I hope this helps somebody find a job because it did for me.  If your reading this you're employable you've got a brain, and if your physically able well your twice as likely to get hired.  Best of luck people.