Day 89 of 365

Today was a great day but a little bit of a rough night.  Unforeseen variables are a true test to ones character.  How do you react under pressure in unfavorable circumstances.  One thing has always remained true for me..."there is always a way."  If you want it bad enough you will make it happen.  It is all in the doing.  Tonight I decided to get some extra work done so I went to school and scanned some old film I had laying around.  I knew the shots I had left to scan were total shit but I decided to scan them anyways because I could use the practice and its nice to have them archived in a digital space.  After scanning a few photos from my favorite day of the summer came up.  It was after a long day working 2 jobs.  I was just able to catch the last of the sunset and hop in the water.  Where I swim in my hometown is in the middle of the woods so everyone heads out before sunset so they can see there way back luckily I don't mind hiking in the dark and I bring a headlight.  It worked out perfectly though I had the place all to myself and I prefer it that way.  This swimming hole is my favorite place in the world.  It's the only place where time doesn't exist for me, where stress isn't a thing.  It pains me to see that people come there so cheaply driving instead of taking the 30 minute hike and leaving there beer cans and garbage behind.  Precious things never last unless good people react under pressure.