Day 90 of 365

Around the Rockaway's 

Diving.   Lately I've been beating myself up over my lack of diving into the deep end within my work and my life choices.  My work has been steady but I am not working to my full potential like I was this summer.  I was relentlessly pushing myself out of my comfort zone daily and I was happier than ever.  It involved a lot of tough work, weekends spent in and a lot of sacrifice but working like that made me feel great.  You can't fake putting the work in, and I think it's time for me to take the leap of faith into shedding my comforts and going for it 200%.  Trial by fire.  Saturday I went to walk round the beach with a friend to shoot some photos.  It really helped clear my mind, and observe a silence I don't often feel living in the city.  I am excited to push through this next struggle and get back to shooting my true passions in my preferred environments.