Day 116 of 365


This Past Summer I took a 12 day trip to the Alaskan Interior with the School of Visual Arts.  The assignment was to gather photos or illustrations of our time sent in Alaska with the goal of putting this work into a printed Magazine when we returned home.   

I tried to go on this trip having no expectations but that seemed to be a lot more challenging than I expected.  I did no prior research, I didn't even look at the itinerary or pack until the day before the trip.  Luckily it worked out for the best and I met some great people but I don't think pre-organized trips are my thing. 

 Even with the effort of trying to avoid expectation you cannot avoid preferences and I don't enjoy not having the option to participate or not participate especially when it comes to taking photos or sitting in a bus for 12 hours. 

I felt that in Alaska we spent a lot more time in gift shops, and in buses viewing this gorgeous state through glass more than getting dirty and feeling the grass beneath our feet. 

Needless to say I don't have any plans of ever going back to school.  The positive aspect of this trip though was having a deadline to create a printed Zine.  Although it did not come out perfect it is a start.  Below are some of the pages and some writing from my visual journal in Alaska. 

Although I wish we did more on the trip I am just very appreciative that I was afforded the opportunity to see such an amazing state even if it was from a bus seat.  Most people don't even get the opportunity to leave their home towns and for that I am grateful.  

If I were to tell you a story about my trip to Alaska how would it sound, taste, and look like. 

A visual story of my trip. 

Not a travel guide highlighting the best parts about a place but an honest expression of traveling to Alaska on a budget, and a class trip etc. 

Carb heavy tourist, bear heavy wide eyed seekers of life before death. 

I'm an annoying man without distraction, constant motion and expectations plague me. 

Before it heads into the vast we must worry, there are too many rules under a field trips watch. 

Where have all the ruleless places been left for me to discover. 

I need you.

Unadulterated seeking. 

How can I find you tree fort surf escape.

Cliff jumping breakfast.

Empty skatepark.

Early morning photo walks.

Barbecues with best friends after long beach days.

Active life.