Day 115 of 365

I haven't been posting on here for a few months after spending some time traveling this summer I felt it was more important to write in a journal rather as quickly as possible without worrying about grammar or writing errors.  There is something freeing about just getting your thoughts down no matter how random they are and thats all I really did.  This past summer flew by but it was a very slow summer for me as far as creating my personal work.  I traveled the US for 30 days alone and with the time constraints and amount of driving I had to do it left me with little time to create and an ungodly amount of time to think.  I realized so much this summer.  Like what scares me the most is what I should be doing, that I am not getting younger, and the risks I desperately desire to take should be taken NOW.  That NOW is the only right time to get anything done, and that done is always better than perfect.  All this thought and on this trip and all the time to just drive and think made me miss one place...New York.  After seeing most of this country, I only have 3 states left (Idaho, Montana, North Dakota)  I have only grown more in love with New York.   It's a city full of transplants and locals fighting to live here, to meet people, and to create a life of their own.  There's no backyards, its crammed, smelly and dirty, but it's home.  Whatever you put into this city it gives it right back to you ten fold.  Traveling exposes your loves, and your hates and it's the best way to find your home.  Get going.