Day 96 of 365

Its been a little while since I have been posting blogs.  I have since moved home to Connecticut and most importantly I am trying to establish a different routine from the last time I was home.  The last time I lived in CT it was the summer I was working 3 jobs, construction, Granite countertop installation and fabricating, and stump grinding.  All of these were manual labor jobs I would work 2 jobs every day and then once I was out of work I would hike and take photos for about an hour or 2.  Any days I had freelance photography jobs I would take off from work. 

          In that time I swore to myself that I wouldn't go to any Connecticut bars all summer and I didn't instead I saved my money so that I could road trip the US.  With my extra time I took more photos for more brands and eventually landed a beer sponsorship from Narragansett Brewery so I wouldn't waste money on alcohol.  Now being home this time I am trying to do something similar by not going to bars, waking up early, and running.  I am really missing the social aspect of living in New York which is making it harder not to go out.  Especially in the winter when a lot more of my time is spent inside then I prefer.  The other thing I have been doing is waking up at 5:30 every morning on week days and it feels amazing but that goal was too easy after a few weeks I needed something more, which leads my to why I am writing this blog.  Waking up at 5:30 isn't difficult but figuring out what to do with yourself once you wake up that early is the hard part.  If I sit down and blog or write I will be too tired and I will go back to sleep.  So I started ending my morning showers with a 30 seconds of cold water....felt amazing but didn't make me any more productive.  With all my extra energy and nothing to do with it I decided to start running as soon as I wake up.  I am on day 4 as of now running 4.2 miles on the road starting at 5:45 to about 6:20.  (Yes I am sore as balls) Sorry Mom.  So far it has been amazing for my mental health.  Even just in 4 days of running with no music I am getting into deeper thought much earlier than I normally would and I like that.  Just for the record I am not a runner and I never have been,  and for the runners I do know 4.2 miles is a joke.  None the less its a habit I would love to form so I am going to keep going.  Cheers.