Day 97 0f 365

New Instagram feature. 


Today some international friends, photographers, and videographers contacted me about the new Instagram feature.  If you haven't seen it update your phone because you now have the ability to post multiple photos at once.  A lot of the people that contacted me about this feature were apprehensive or hesitant about this.  I on the other hand love this feature.  It is 1 another way for me to practice visual story telling which is something that goes so strongly with writing which I love to do but at times I don't like to write a lot when I am posting just one photo by itself.

The important part here is that we are going to be seeing the next generation of visual story tellers it may be good or bad for the photo industry or it may spike the demand for content so high that every business will need photographers (wishful thinking)  

Either way I think Instagram has done an amazing job by constantly reinventing their platform and staying relevant to the times.  With this new update I think they have solidified there user base for years to come.  Start telling stories people no matter what you do storytelling is at the heart of communication and entertainment.  

Below are photos featured from a fun hang with friends shooting for Halfwits