Day 110 of 365

NYC to Niagara Falls
Day 1 of my Summer 17 Road trip. 

Stood atop of Niagara Falls yesterday around sunset on the American side.  

Compared to Dettifoss in Iceland it is much bigger which really blew my mind.  This was the largest waterfalls I have ever seen but the view from the American side wasn't the best because your essentially looking over the edge of a cliff behind a railing 20ft from the edge.  Not exactly my style lol I'd much prefer to be sitting on the edge.  That is literally the only complaint I could have about Niagara falls because it is an astonishing wonder to witness.  It is a must see if you leave on the East coast of America where tall mountain ranges and natural wonders aren't really anything compared to the West coast.  Not to mention it was very inexpensive, only $10 dollars to park for a whole day.  Although I only spent 2 hours there because I opted for the 2 hour $6 dollar street parking.  If you haven't seen Niagara Falls I suggest taking a weekend trip this summer. 


P.s. If you Leave after sunset Canadian sand flies line the edge of the rivers in swarms that look like clouds of black smoke.  I hit about 10 million of them on the highway...