Day 111 of 365

Back in Ct after 30 days on the road. 

I spent some time on the road in this country, seen and met a lot of people. The later more important. 
The most prevailing observation from city to town in every state, community is no longer. 
There remains some small communities but gone are the days of small mom and pop shops and small businesses. The people have voted they'd like the same Dunkin coffee and the same subway sandwiches in every state regardless of how shitty they are, variation is the enemy. We have the expectations of the perfect sandwich at all times yet we ignore that the ingredients of our sandwiches rely so heavily on the seasons and time yet we rush these things in exchange for profit then we wonder why we have some of the highest cancer rates in the world. Not all tomatoes ripen at the same time, care about your community support local small businesses and in return they will take care of you. 
I can promise you, that the corporations you buy from will never give a cent back to you or value your endless years of support like a small business will.