Day 114 of 365

Rough seas. 

People should want to help other people.  It's human nature.  Were better together than we are apart.  So it always baffles me when talented people become hyper insecure.  As if people are trying to take their job.  For example I love taking photos and there are photographers I really look up to.  At times I have sought some of them out for advice, only the ones I know on a first name basis of course and all but one have been nice.  It's like this one guy has a vendetta against me for no reason when I admire his work and respect his opinion, yet he some how finds a way to be a dick.  It's clear he has some insecurity issues but none the less a good friend of mine helped me immensely with this situation.  This may be obvious but kindness is the only answer.  Whether it's a little kid asking you what camera you use or a celebrity asking for your opinion treat them both the same.  Give insight to everyone because only the people serious enough to work their balls off will take your advice, and on top of that will will probably respect you enough not to come steal your job.  We've all felt insecure when someone is hot on our tale with the skills they have obtained but I believe that if we work together with that person we can both push ourselves to the next level.  There are no magic bullets to success, so no one needs to act like they hold the secret key.