The best things in life are free.

Day 132 of 365

Don't get me wrong I love a jetski just as much as the next guy but the more I age the more I realize that things like community, family, loyalty, honesty and trust make me feel the most fulfilled.  Even through little arguments, fights, and disagreements I know my brothers and my mother will always be there for me and I for them.  It's a great feeling to feel how much someone has your back but it's a better feeling when they know that you have there just as much.  Beyond this the honesty of my family and closest friends is what keeps me progressing.  Especially the honest opinions you don't want to hear, those are the most important.  They level us, let us know that how we perceive something is not the way the way everyone else may be perceiving it.  Honesty may feel harsh at first if it's coming at you but it's a quick pinch with a ton of long term benefits.  On the opposite end it is easy to be charmed by dishonesty, by hearing everything you want to hear, does everything that someone says always sound way too perfect?  Yeah those people usually are there to get something out of your relationship.  It's easy to be fooled by this, I have in the past.  It's like someone offering you brussel sprouts or a bag of Doritos.  The later taste so damn good but will make you fat in the end where as the first tastes bitter but will only boost your energy and your health.  Choose the Brussel sprout.  Send love to your family and friends and every once in a while ask them for their honesty.