Day 133 of 365

I think when your young most people think fame is really important and they go about it in a way that has no meaning, no value and no fulfillment in mind.  I know that I once dreamed of being famous but it was never a main goal of mine.  I've been consumed by smaller tasks and daily goals.  With it being MLK day it made me think about the people I most admire in my life and in history.  Harriet Tubman is my favorite historical figure having saved hundreds of lives all while being a black women in the most oppressive time in American history.  Not to mention she even fought for the American Army. What makes her as well as Martin Luther King jr. an inspiration to me were their abilities to act on their values and to never waver.  This is what makes someone unforgettable in life and death, a purpose so strong they are willing to die protecting it.  I think fame is a vane goal unless it has a purpose to serve.  If someone gave you fame or a million dollars today, what would you do with it? Would you use it for good or waste it?