What are your excuses.

DAY 135 of 365

Even on the days when I don't have time to take photos I try to take them in passing between subway stops and meetings.  I haven't been shooting as much as I'd like to this winter and that is why I love NYC so much.  Your forced to be outside on your way to work, school, etc. 

It allows for anyone with a camera of any kind to have no excuse not to at least make a few photos a day. 

I have been using the cold as an excuse not to shoot all winter.  The truth is that's a bullshit lie I've been telling myself so I don't feel bad about not producing work.  If no one wants to shoot outside it's up to myself to either get a studio or get busy getting cold.  So far it has been the later. 

What excuses are you telling yourself to avoid doing what you need to do?  Odds are there are few excuses worthy of stopping you.