Why I write.

Day 136 of 365

It's almost not English...It can't be.  These are just the vessels to help me understand the stories firing between my body and my brain.  Rather it feels as if my brain and itself are having 3 separate dialogs and I am somewhere stuck in the middle.  The first dialog, my head, always arguing for the sensible, just, and right things to do.  Secondly my brain in it's most primitive form craves in excess all of my vices. (Sex, Alcohol, fatty foods, sloth)  Lastly my conscious mind is the great mediator in between these 2 opposing views.  I write to make sense of these conflicts of interests.  It's like the devil and the angel on our shoulders but less religious.  It's a feeling, a theme that transcends religion and language, and I believe it is a universal feeling. (Temptation, and Discipline.) It's what binds us together as humans, commonalities and how we most often express those commonalities is through language.  Feels good to me when someone can relate to a feeling I've had that we often don't speak of out of fear of shattering our egos or the way people view us.  Makes me realize how lucky I truly am. 

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