Day 138 of 365

Rushing around like a mad man yesterday I didn't bring my camera with me.  Immediately regretted that decision in with the lack of time that I had.  I would have been able to take the photos I saw unfolding in front of my eyes with my actual camera much faster than I could have with my iphone.  It's easier to keep your camera on and just pic it up and shoot rather than reopen your phone get the camera on and then by that time you've missed the shot.  Not to mention the shutter is too slow to just point and shoot at a moving target especially while your moving as well.  Iphones are still amazing cameras though, I have the 7plus and I find it really useful for more set up photos, still poses and photographing still objects.  I'm sure you can use it for action shots on a bright sunny day but  in the grey winters of New England that's not so easy to come by.  Until then here are some photos I have taken this year with my iphone.