Day 137 of 365

Early mornings.  Since January started I stopped drinking for the month and I figured waking up would be easier than ever.  For the past two years I have been waking up around 5:30 most mornings.  That was not the case this month.  I stopped using my alarm clock and naturally my body fell into an 8 hour trap and I have felt nothing but groggy.  Finally I turned my old fashion alarm clock back on.....not my cellphone which can't wake me up for anything.  My alarm clock works damn well and days are feeling much longer again waking up at 6am for the past few days.  I've noticed that when I wake up early I almost always feel happy once I've gotten started.  Productivity is like a drug and if there is one action that has been the biggest catalyst in any productivity I have ever had it is waking up early.  Although it sounds miserable it is an amazing feeling, and it gets easier with each day.  I hope someone who wants to be more productive gives this a try. 

Featured below sunrise at Mts.