Don't be a gate keeper.

Day 254 of 365

Recently I was talking to a friend about progressing in creative careers. Along the way it is inevitable that you will run into great people, assholes, and people that are somewhere in between. One of those types of people is what we would call a gate keeper.
This is someone who learns a trade secret or something that there friends can benefit from but instead of helping their counterparts they hold this new found knowledge in a vault like their life depended on it.
This is also the type of person that will have an opportunity they cannot take but will not toss it to you because they cannot stand to see anyone do better or more than them.

Don’t be this type of asshole.

Here is why.
Although being stingy and cut throat may get you ahead in the short term once the word gets out you will always lose in the long term.

People catch on and they will never forget the way you treated them.
If instead we help each other give more than we take most of our colleagues are going to be there for us when we need them most.

My friend Nick and I spoke a lot that day on relevant topics to our craft but I think what we spoke about was more relevant to being human.
We’re looking to play by our own rules.
Always try to give more than we take and make things were damn proud of.

If you want to step on people to get to where you want to be this blog isn’t for you but if you want to build a community that is more than just contacts in your phone or a stepping stone in your life try giving more than you take.
So far it’s been working wonders for us.