The benefits of sharing.

Day 256 of 365

Sharing is at the heart of all creations.
Artists although often narcissists share there work otherwise they remain starving.
In my opinion the best artists share most often.
They share their process, work, tools, space, etc. etc. because relationships are what makes work thrive.
With out my relationships with my clients I would never have a return client.
More than your talent, more than your work ethic, how well you connect with the people you are working with determines much more about your success than how well you did on the job.
Yes you should always deliver a quality product but never be stingy or competitive with your counterparts.
There is so much you can learn from each other and withholding your information like you have a patent on it only stifles the chances of you refining your process.
There is no room in my life for stingy people.
Knowledge is not a finite resource, it is unlimited and I will continue to share my photographic process with those who want to learn.
If someone in your life isn’t sharing with you or helping you grow but is taking all the knowledge they can from you they might just be an energy leech. Stay away from that ish.
Keep sharing.
Keep learning.
Hope everyone has a great day.