Goodbye for now.

Day 257 of 365

This weekend I made my way back to Connecticut to grab some things from home. The smell of fall fresh on the wet mourning leaves. Perched where he always sits our small dog trey watched me pull down the driveway from the front window. To see a home once so full of life now so quiet is a somber feeling. One thing remains, there is no exception for the passing of time.

Now I’m sitting in the family room, the same room I’ve written in since age 16. Still fresh on my mind our old dog buried behind the shed, Memeres blueberry muffins, all the family parties ad holidays, first loves, Friday nights watching movies and making forts with my brothers, and snowboarding in the yard. The past warms me up and cools me down all at the same time. A ritual of happiness and sorrow. It cannot be recreated, only appreciated for what it was.

Time gives life it’s urgency and it’s beauty.
We can only go forward and enjoy each moment as they come.

“Be here.”