Don't get dragged down.

Day 258 of 365

I was doing some writing this morning and a had a few small realizations. The topic today comes from running into an old friend yesterday on the streets in NY. We bumped into each other and spent some time talking. Boyyyyy was he negative. It was like all the little things I would casually listened to him complain about before had all grown into massive monsters. Someone who was once so generous now so afraid to give, afraid to share, trapped in a solitude of fear. Somewhere along the line, he went wrong not the world around him.

You see the world around you is only a reflection of what you hold internal. For example, have you ever gotten a new car and it now seems like everyone in the world is getting the exact same car as you. You become hyper-aware when you focus on certain things. If you focus on the negative the world will reveal to you the negative. If you focus on the positive obviously you know the rest. The tricky part here is humans are negative creatures by nature. The very core of our make up is to seek out issues and to fix them. This is amazing for our species but not so much for our individual sanity. In 2018 there are much more productive ways to progress and be positive about what we are fixing. People are drawn to positive people especially ones that are constantly tackling new projects and being productive. What I am working on for myself right now is making good small decisions daily. Like completing this blog every day, choosing veggies over buffalo chicken wraps, and most importantly choosing to view the positive in things.

Yesterday I realized a lot all in one 10 minute encounter. It was like when you see a puppy and then you see the puppy a few months later and it’s a full grown great Dane. 8 months ago I didn’t realize my friend's negativity because I was apart of it. I too would talk about things that bothered me often, run to them with problems and not good news. I have come so far from that draining lifestyle and I am so excited about what is yet to come. Life is a daily progression and it’s easy to forget that when everyone around you is complaining. Take note of the conversations you have with the people you hold closest to you. Are those conversations progressing your life, and your mindset or are they dragging you down?

All love,