Crochet your way to happiness.

Day 259 of 365

In my mind, I value a lot of things that I think most people would think are stupid or a waste of time. My favorite photos of water, my favorite thing to do is walk, and I know I feel this way about some other peoples hobbies. (Ex. crocheting, never really been a fan) That doesn’t mean there is no value for these things. We all love different things and certain small things play a very particular role in who we are and what lights us up inside. So just because somebody doesn’t value what you love doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value in your life.

The most prime example, MONEY. As a society, we place value on objects and inanimate things like fame. Fuck gas, tools, wood, electricity those things have real tangible value, but I believe simple things have more an individual non-survival value. There is an importance to your individual state of mind that benefits our society. The same goes for the value we place on people. Everything comes down to your perception. If you value someone who most sees worthless, fuck it it’s your life. Care for and love whatever you want to love. For me, I like mornings, an ice coffee through the winter, and walking with my camera. It helps me unpack the world around me. So whatever it is that you value, that helps you make sense of your world or help you forget it, keep doing that thing!