Don't get stuck.

Day 260 of 365

Had some of the most amazing conversations last night with some of my friends in New York. We spoke of expanding thoughts, ignorance, and perception. How we allow behaviors that are unacceptable out of comfort and lack of awareness. Most importantly we talked about expanding and how to break out of limitations.

The example my friend Aaron gave was Boxes. We are all in our own box. Each different in size. The walls representing your limitations. The goal in our lives (my friends) is to get uncomfortable now. To experiment to struggle through the walls of this box so that we can continually move onto bigger and better boxes until one day the box is so fucking big you can’t even find the walls. Limitations so far away that you’re free to roam around in your box. The alternative, staying in a tiny box and 20 years later realizing fuck, I never took any chances, having no room to breathe and being stuck.

Don’t be a Larry, don’t get stuck.
Try something new.