You cannot be replaced.

Day 262 of 365

I am going to try and keep todays blog short because I am kinda confused myself. This morning I woke up thinking about validations and I stumbled upon some pretty radical thoughts about love. Obviously most of us know the saying “If you love something set it free.” Often problems would arise in my relationships when I would be afraid. When I would allow myself to be in fear of another persons actions. As time has gone on I have realized that loving someone means loving the individual they are and not needing their validation in return. Being in absolute truths with someone is the most powerful bond I have ever experienced and I have only ever had that with a friend. It breeds a loyalty that is unparalleled. The thing I am struggling with is how to apply this to my love life, to relationships other than friends and family. Obviously it needs to be similar but this type of love is so outlandish in our society. People often tell you what you want to hear to give you the illusion of happiness. That type of “love”/ validation only fluffs your ego.
It keeps you in an animalistic and tribal mindset.
There is an infinite amount of love in the world so why can’t we let our loved ones give it freely?
Can we be happy for other peoples success and seek validation only when it is internal?

Remember there is only one you, and you cannot be replaced no matter what.