Where you want to be is right in front of you.

Day 263 of 365

It’s been a few days since I’ve been on here.
I got a stomach bug than ran through me like a track star late for a flight at JFK. It put me out of work for 2 days which a freelancer sucks.
I don’t have the luxury to sleep for two days. Regardless I had to listen to my body and I’m using the next day to plan out all my upcoming shoots and to find new work.
Which is something people talk to me about fairly often how do you find new work…or there is no money in the photo industry…which is BULL SHHHHHH.
Look around you everything is visual.
Yeah maybe the fashion industry doesn’t have the best budgets for photographers but there are other industries that do. You just have to seek them out.

What I have been realizing more than ever lately is how much people love fear.
We love fear so much we watch tv stations that talk about terrorist attacks, deportations, new toll booths on our highways etc etc. Think about that for a second we watch a TV show that talks about all the things we hate and are afraid of every morning to start our days.
No wonder why so many of us are in jobs we hate, living in our home towns with the communities founded for us by our parents.
(Imagine if you chose to read something inspiring for 20 minutes every morning.
Imagine what that would do to your psyche. )
There is so much beauty in these communities and the support they give heck I learned everything I know from these people.
It’s because of them that I chose to leave and forge my own path.
Listening to the regrets and should haves of the people before me isn’t sad their regrets are minor and their lives are amazing.
I just wanted something different.
With small town life you could see the end in sight.
It’s eerily too close for me.
Where I’m at now I have my goals and I still have no clue where it could take me.
It’s hardly a risk but it’s my first step in living a life of love instead of making decisions out of fear.

If you’re confused on how much we make decisions out of fear so am I. So over the next few days I am probably going to explore this thought even more and it’s counterparts as well.