Limiting Beliefs.

Day 272 of 365

Back to my old alarm.
It rings so loud I have no choice but to get my ass up at 5:30 and I love it.
It’s forcing me to get to bed earlier or be a waste of space all day.
Kicking yourself in the ass isn’t easy but damn it feels good when you do it consistently.
I find that when I run as soon as I wake up and then come home and start my day my mind is almost kick started.
It’s much easier to focus.

When I was writing this morning (a 20 minute free write no stopping) I wrote through a section on limiting beliefs. I realized that as a baby you do as your parents do and you believe what they believe (same with your parents and grandparents) and until you recognize that not all those beliefs are conscious and well founded you will not be able to move past them and grow.
With emphasis on growth, I want to be a better me than the me I was yesterday.
I think that starts with figuring out what is holding myself back.
Often for me those things are illusive, a hard to identify snake in the grass.
Simple things like saying “that’s too hard to do, how will you afford that, or even spending money sucks” are limiting beliefs.

I reference money often because early on my limiting beliefs revolved around money.
Affording what you want is not easy…so pull your fucking boots up and go get what you want.
I don’t think it’s okay to say that’s too hard and roll over and give up.
For me I want a certain lifestyle, I want freedom.
I think we all want freedom.
I am only scratching the surface of what I would like to obtain but damn it feels great and I wish more people knew how accessible it is to live a life of passions and interests rather than a life of misery and regret.

Don’t limit yourself by letting I’ll founded beliefs stop you dead in your tracks.
The distance between you and an expert in any field is a daily objective done for several years.
Make an effort to learn daily, and produce something out of that new found knowledge.
What’s daily will define.