Don't watch your life away.

Day 273 of 365

Over the past couple days I have realized how important it is to allow myself to be bored.
In the past my best ideas, focus, drive, has come entirely from mundane tasks, exercise and discipline. Putting my phone away for hours and getting to work reignites a part of my brain I so whole heartedly welcome. Yet it is so easy to reach for my phone, to mindlessly scroll on the computer and to read useless often depressing information.

There is no time like the present and I am in the process of finding a happy medium to use my cellphone less.
Luckily the past two days I have been so extremely busy and my happiness in this moments is through the roof.
Shooting days are manic.
Editing days are dull and they drag but there is an excitement to see the finished product.
I think long editing days are so important to my work flow because they make me want to get out and shoot so much more.
If editing was as fun as shooting I’d be a retoucher and I’d never see the light of day.
Fortunately for me I like to be out interacting with people and taking photos.

I guess what can be applied here in every life is that allowing yourself to be bored inspires action.
It’s very hard to be bored with a cellphone in your hand and endless entertainment at your fingertips.
Entertainment in excess is a huge waste of life.
For myself I am going to strive to be bored more often.
I want to think twice the next time I go to pick up my cell phone.
I’m setting up new rules to make sure I stay strict with myself.

No cellphone in the bathroom, in bed, during meals, or when I am with my friends.

Life needs to be had while it’s here in my hands I’ll save the endless scrolling for when I can no longer move.