Day 274 of 365

After my run this morning I was thinking about the english language.
Made up entirely by peoples thoughts. That thought alone really amazed me.
That some how people stared making sounds with their mouths and agreeing on the meaning of those sounds.
Within all languages there is slang and it’s up to the listener to understand the connotation of those sounds.
Slang and differences in languages really fascinate me as well.
For example I went to college and had a few close Chinese friends for a year and they would tell me sayings in Chinese and I would ask what it meant and they would say oh there is no word for this in english.
This really expanded my thought process when talking to foreigners.
It also affected the way I approach photography.
I started looking for small yet relatable details in everyday life.
I want people to feel the time and place I am in at this moment.
Something that words can’t always describe so well as there are a finite amount of words in our language some that have not yet been created for our use.

For example the language of color in all societies always started with 3 words, black, white, and red. Following after this were yellow, blue, and green. Yet there are thousands of other colors in the world.
Still today their are some societies that do not differentiate between green and blue.

I think my point here is that we shouldn’t hold onto people words so tightly because we hardly have the words to describe emotions and feelings that we have yet to explain.
Just like the commercialization of color in our culture which has thousands of colors, probably for the purpose of selling paint. We still don’t have ways to describe so many things. For this I think it’s important to lead with your actions and not with your words.

Hope everyone has great day.