Quiet your mind.

Day 278 of 365

It felt good to get back to nature the other day.
I spent just over 3 hours hiking with my family dog trey to one of our favorite places.
No people, no cell phone, just me and the pup and my camera looking at things.
It’s so important to be in a place that inspires you to create.
I’m striving to have a balanced life between the city and nature, between fun, work and freedom.
Man does it feel good when it works out.
I haven’t allowed my brain to be quiet in some time but this place always seems to remind just how important it is to allow your brain to shut up.
Even if only for 10 minutes quieting your brain has a way of sorting things out.
I hope you have that thing, whatever it is that makes you forget that time exists and just puts you in the moment.
If you do have it, do it soon.