Photographing my New York

Day 268 of 365

I don’t know what to talk about today. Probably because I talk too much and listen to little. This week focusing has been a bit of a struggle for me along with productivity. I’m remodeling my life right now. Creating a new daily routine, new eating habits, new workouts and ways to make things. As scary as it can seem I think fear is exciting. I’ve always been drawn to being terrified. I think addressing your fears is a key element to growth. Specifically the fears you stray away from. For me, fears that put me in danger of bodily harm were never scary. The pain never lasts. What really scared me was financial and emotional pain. Those are fears I am still working on but the financial I have been addressing and kicking its ass. What I make now is 10x what I made 2-3 years ago doing 100x the work. I find it ironic the smarter I work the more I make but I think that’s in the nature of not giving a f*ck and trusting the process. Every decision I made since dropping out of college has been to live a lifestyle I was happy and proud to live in. Everything else is secondary to that. Life is so finite and money is not. Money comes whenever you need it and whenever you want more of it all you have to do is make shit happen for yourself. America is really the land of opportunity, address your fears and live the life you want to live.