No excuses in Brooklyn.

Day 267 of 365

Did you ever look up to something as a kid, something you wanted to be able to do but it felt so far away? Just to find out a year later or maybe even less you’d be able to conquer that beast with such ease. For example, driving, hanging with your big brother and their friends, or even learning something new. I realize the more I learn the smaller the gap is in between learning new things. For some reason, we like to put things we don’t know or can’t do yet on a pedestal.

For me that thing is video. When I started photography I would naive enough to shoot video whenever I wanted and as time went on and my direction changed I treated video as a big scary beast which is bull shit. Yeah, video is hard but it’s just a different way to tell a story and it needs to be treated as such. It’s a tool. A carpenter doesn’t avoid a specific tool because it’s more difficult to use than another. No, they pick that shit up and get to hammering. I think we as progressive people that like to learn and create, have to stop making excuses for why we can’t do things and just start doing them. I am so guilty of it and today is the day I am stopping. Whatever the job calls for well, that’s the tool I’ll use.