Day 160 of 365

Camaraderie.  The glue that holds men together but prevents them from saying I love you.  Perceived as weak, gay, or even pessimistic, saying "I love you" before you hang up the phone with your best friend to me is none of those things.  It is only a sign of admiration, respect, and a mutual bond.  It acknowledges that "fuck were going to die one day" feeling.  Being at National Police week in D.C. this past weekend was a strange and at times refreshing view into the psyche of the American male.  A culture that is dominated by sacrificial heroes, Rambo, and the National football league.  Most American men grew up being told by their peers not to be a p*ssy.  Only showing men from a young age that any behavior perceived as emotional would be deemed feminine and would diminish your value / masculinity.  I believe that a deep level  of camaraderie can surpass that emotional barrier while a shallow bond creates a blind following and judgement.  At police week I could see those informal masculinity codes crumbling.  Brothers hugging brothers sisters hugging sisters.  People sharing a bond that even 25 years couldn't break.  An unmatched loyalty to fallen comrades.  It was somber but refreshing to see the loyalty of a community brought together by tragic circumstances.  Just for a week they could start to mend their wounds, and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  

True Heroes.