Day 159 of 365

Back in Brooklyn from a weekend in D.c. with the family (more on that tomorrow) and damn it was good to be off my cell phone for the entire weekend.  No waisting countless minutes scrolling through instagram to pass time just good old fashioned fun and a chance to let my brain rest... or so I thought.  I felt that social interaction was much more stimulating than looking down at articles or instagram stories.  I was less bored than ever and I am starting to think that boredom only comes from missing the social interaction that happens in real life.  (Sad that a mind can get addicted to flashing light on a tool that can be used as a tool and not just as a pass time.)  I also don't think boredom is a bad thing.  Some of the best ideas I have ever had came from being bored, and some of the worst have come from being bored too lol. 

For now my allergies are in full affect and I am catching up on missed work from my weekend away, but I am happy to be alive. 

Excited to pick up on the blog tomorrow with some new stories and photos from the weekend in D.C.