Day 158 of 365

Yesterday I had to go to Midtown to drop off some film.  I figured I would try and get out of my comfort zone and ask 3 strangers if I could take their portraits.  I told my girlfriend Meg if I didn't she needed to post her most embarrassing photo of me.  We were together so she had to hold me to it.  It was surprisingly way easier than you would think but the biggest realization I had while looking for interesting people is that there a lot of people on there phones that you have to go through to find the interesting people.  I mean my eyes lit up when I saw an old lady with purple hair, security guards talking with people on the street, people hating there jobs, babies crying, and even the awkward sweaty cramming of people in a subway car.  I think the people embracing these moments are really doing something right.  I know it's cliche but  I didnt realize how drastic the disconnect has become until I really payed attention to it yesterday.  On that not I am going to Washington D.C. this weekend and I am leaving my phone at home.  In need of some quality time with my family.  


Below photos were taken yesterday around midtown.