Day 166 of 365

Discomfort is everything. 
It's been a while since I was a beginner at something.  It's relieving to know that you suck at whatever you're doing.  You don't expect yourself to be good so you are not afraid to try something new and fail.  If I could stay in a beginner mindset in photography I would.  Never caring what anyone thinks of what I put and never being afraid to switch things up.  Unfortunately I am too deep into it but I am still finding ways to shoot everything edit in different styles, and only publish the work that fits into my aesthetic.  The thing is once you are known for a specific style people expect it all the time.  For me I have 2 different styles really.  My website work which is more color intensive and my instagram work which is more muted tones and little to no blues.  Today I was trying new editing softwares and with that being said.  Don't be afraid to suck at something. 
Admitting to yourself that you might suck at it before hand opens a lot of doors to just have fun with the process of learning anything.  It also helps you put your ego aside so you can do what's important....learn and mess up!