Day 167 of 365

Shred feast 2018. 

Every year my good friend Chris Zablan throws a massive skate competition through his non-profit organization key life foundation.  This year he asked me to come by and photograph the event.  I was honored.  I'd always dreamed of things like this as a kid, and to see one of my best friends making this happen was the icing on top of gallon of ice cold ghetto juice.

Today was a day where everyone could progress and work on a common goal together.  It felt less like a competition and more like a brotherhood (sisters included).  Without Chris Zablan none of this would be possible and today I was very inspired.  I was inspired by the Be Easy crew bringing a god damn bus to the park and for running their own skate family.  It felt damn good to see some Ct locals doing some great things too. People like Kevin Tolderlaund, Julian Focareta, Chris from Phat Lip Mag, Mason, Manny, Cutting edge, and all the scooter kids just for showing up.  To have everyone in one place felt right.  Skateboarding has come so far and the local talent has gone to an entirely new level, but what impressed me most was the community.  Everyone there wanted to see every skater triumph over every trick.  It was a good feeling, but no feeling was as good as watching key life foundation give the most respectful kid a free week at at camp Woodward.  (A skate camp every skater dreams of going to as a kid)  A lot of parents can't afford something like that and I think that's where skating shines.  It's a non-exclusive sport.  If you can stand on the board...fuck if you can sit on the board and make it move all are welcome.   Your income will never determine if you are allowed to skate.  

So when asked "Is this really what you want to do with your whole life? Skateboard? "

With a community this good.

Yes I do.