Day 176 of 365

As much as I preach of discomfort there are certain things I cling to like a leech.  I'm over it. 
I was so unaware of my dependency of certain comfort zones for so long.  For instance my mother.  She is literally too good of a mom.  Every ounce of security I have in my life is because of her.  It's what every kid needs in my opinion.  I received more love than I could ever deserve growing up and I am grateful for it.  I also let it get out of control.  When things get too tough for me I run back home to live. (Ex. when my lease ends)  Hard to say but it's true.  It's like a quilt on my back whenever I get cold but each time I put it on the quilt gets heavier and heavier.  I'm over being that burden. 

Secondly I've let my expectations be unrealistic due to having such a great home life as a child.  A home life that was earned by my parents through hard work, sweat, blood, and tears, quite literally.  Those are not my accomplishments but I am ready to make a home of my own and I want to do it by doing what I love.  Life is too short to do anything else.  I've made some money with photography but to take it to the next level, to be able to afford a home, studio, traveling and shooting everyday I have to get extremely uncomfortable. 
Cold calls, emails, work events etc.

Everything good I have in my life has come from being uncomfortable but I think it's time to get damn near painful. 

Where in your life are you getting out of your comfort zone and where are you clinging on for dear life? 


Photos below are from something I am not used to photographing...skateboarding. 
I pretty much always forget to photograph the skating and instead I photograph the people.