Day 177 of 365

Mourning light. 
I've been having a lot of big realizations in my life lately. 
Particularly this week. 
I've been listening more. 
Realizing what my behavior says rather than my mouth. 
I'm also choosing to come from a place of abundance rather than lack. 

For example, I have (for some weird reason) been writing about dead people a lot.

So coming from a place of lack I would sound something like this. (I wish you were still here in my life. or I want, I need, I can't, on and on) 

Fuck that shit. I am trying alternatives such as...
I have, I create, I love, I chose. 

New version. "I am grateful for just having met you and having you make a huge impact in my life." 

Coming from a place of gratitude is so useful in every aspect of your life not just in grieving.

I'm just starting this as of last week but holy shit I feel like everything in my life is falling into place and I don't know why I haven't done this sooner. 

It's making me uncomfortable realizing all of these errors I have made, but as I walk around these streets at 6am to watch the sunrise I think to myself it could be so much worse.

I am doing what I love and I'm not dead yet. 

Life is short. 
Come from a place of love and abundance and your days will be better for it. 

To take a line from my friend Holly "Say whats on your mind even if it's weird, tell a stranger their beautiful today, you never know who's day you might change for the better."