Day 179 of 365

I really love living here.  It is a testament to real life happening outside of your apartment.  It is an electric feeling to walk down the street see someone dancing and to join in.  To have a full blown conversation with the homeless man in your neighborhood and to know him on a first name basis. (Sammy)  I love that I can go to any skatepark in NYC and know somebody now.  In a city of ovr 8 million it seems I can't go anywhere with out running into someone.  It's refreshing, and not in the way that you run into someone in your hometown, where they want to tell you about there boyfriend cheating on them while your pump your gas and make it to your doctors appointment on time.  When I run into people here we only know each other from having common interests.  It's fucking great.  It makes running into someone a pleasure and if your on a mission they can feel it, New York moves fast.  

The point I'm trying to make here is that I am feeling that i am becoming apart of a community and all you need to become part of your own is show up and be nice. 

Forging your own path can be lonely and having a strong community makes all the difference.