Day 180 of 365

Although today is Monday I am going to talk about yesterday.  Sundays are the best day to get creative.  Why because it's a day to relax, to be stress free, not tackle the chores you've been putting off but rather to marry your creative vision with a fun project.  You can be productive and have fun at the same time.  Get your chores done Saturday morning or even Friday night and save Saturday and Sunday for care free creativity.  These are the extra hours in the week where fun projects should be explored.  

Yesterday Jourdan Miller , our makeup artist Madison Parker, and I worked on a color study.  Photographs that follow a strict color pallet.  We had a couple couple beers and enjoyed a fun and relaxed Sunday....but we still got a ton of shit done.  
I love that feeling and I don't see why work needs to be so stern and serious all the time.  

Some one once said to me that they could never take me seriously.  Probably because I'm usually joking around, smiling, or being really sarcastic.  With that being said I replied the only time to be serious is at a funeral....Just not my funeral. =)) 

I was offended though.  I take myself very seriously, especially my work, planning and following through with my word.  That comment years ago and shooting yesterday made me realize an outdated and underlying subconscious belief that many Americans have.  That is that work can't be fun, or that if you do what you love it's free and if you do what you hate you can charge a lot for it.  The list goes on and on but that is bullshit.  I love having fun with my work and I love charging for it.  I deserve to charge a lot for it.  I taught myself and i work my ass off at it everyday.  

Never take yourself too serious.  Laugh.  Enjoy your job.  Learn something new on your off days.  Life is already stressful enough, why not have some fun while your on this earth because guess what you can fail at what you don't love, so why not try doing something you do love.

Happy Monday!  I hope you love what your doing right now or at least learning something new.