DAY 187 of 365

 I have had some really great conversations lately.  Maybe they're just great for me because of the affirmations involved about my photos but also they have brought many concerns to the surface.  I no longer have the doubts I used to have.  There are endless possibilities in life and limitless amounts of money to make those possibilities and goals into a reality.  You just have to put in the work and then demand that money.  You have to believe you deserve it and work your balls off to get it.  If you do jobs for free you will continue to be paid nothing.  

With the previous being said there are no rules in life.  Maybe other than don't hurt people, there are no rules on how to live your life.  Every rule you can think of is made up by humans.  Which means the earth does not command you to have a degree, comb your hair, or live in a McMansion.  You decide what's right for you in your life.  This means the rules placed on us by society or other people are not real and I see them as just limitations meant to keep us making decisions out of fear instead of love. 

Why don't we think out of the box more?  Why don't we dream bigger?  Why don't we ask the universe for outlandish things like to live on a lake and have an artist studio with our family.  Why can't we do that?  I mean fuck who says you can't....only one person and that's yourself.  What if you told yourself yes and feverishly worked toward that goal everyday?  What if you designed the studio and hung up the drawing on your wall?  What if you told yourself everyday that you were going to show your kids and wife what is actually possible in life instead of saying it's not possible?  

We are only limited by our beliefs especially if your working your beans off. 

Change to a positive outlook, tell the universe what you desire and aimed your head in that direction.