Day 188 of 365

Life is really freaking simple sometimes even when it’s full of hurdles. 

Had to move my car an hour early today because of street sweeping.
No worries I was a little thrown off but I got up and moved it before I got a ticket. 

Gavin slept over last night so I brought him with me to the coffee shop to write and get some work done.
I get to the coffee shop and my spot is taken the only spot with a computer charger and then as I look in my backpack I forgot my journal.
So I was like shit I gotta write I can’t throw off my whole day. 

Simple I was relaxed and pretty stoked to just have a coffee in my hand. 

I look under the couch me and Gavin are sitting on and sure as shit, my short laptop charger reached an outlet with the perfect amount of length to hit my computer and give it some juice. 

A good attitude through small annoying problems may not solve anything but damn it is so much better than getting stressed. 

This brings me to my next subject.

Your attitudes bring about emotions and your emotions bring about actions that affect your reality. 

What are your attitudes to the things that are amazing in your life and what are they towards the things you wish were better? 

Maybe it’s a relationship with a loved one or even your relationship with money. 

Most of the attitudes we carry are seeded from deep subconscious beliefs.
These beliefs are changeable but it is a daily effort to change our belief systems. 

Most of which are outdated because we build them as a kid. 

For example, I grew up in a town where our rival was a private school, we were told to hate them because they had more money and thought they were better than us. 

I find this is hardly the case.
Money does not make you a better or worse person.

Money is an object that allows you to do more of what you love, worry less, take care of your family members etc. 

Or money can allow you to blow coke, buy strippers, and take trips with your mistress. 

Your positivity or negativity towards money is either rooted in a way you were told to view it as a child, by the good you’ve done with it, or by the way someone has wronged you with it. 

Money is infinite.
Stop thinking it is so limited.
With that being said I do believe you get paid in proportion to the problem you are solving but I also believe there is a job for everything.
Google turtle walker I bet you can find a job out there that someone has walking turtles. 

Fuck it use your imagination look up the craziest job you can think of I bet it exists. 

The point being. 

If you come from a place of limited opportunity, of scarcity and fear, an opportunity is not going to find you. 

You will miss the bounty all around you.
Change your attitude, find the hidden outlet in the coffee shop, land a client in an industry you never expected to work in and walk a turtle until you’ve won the race. 

Come from a place of love, not fear.