Day 198 of 365

My car got robbed last night in my parents driveway which was all my fault.  I left the doors unlocked.  I lock my doors almost all of the time but I allowed myself to get cocky being back in the suburbs and all.  Luckily for the robbers, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades and luckily for me they only bought Mcdonalds and a blunt wrap before I could cancel my cards.  Which I'm pissed about you're in Connecticut at least get a lobster roll or some Pepe's pizza if you're going to go through the trouble of robbing someone.  Yeah this situation sucked but it could have been way worse and thankfully for me they only took my debit cards and nothing else. 

Enough of that shit. 
It sucked I took care of it and I damn well will be locking my car and keeping my wallet on me at all times from now on.  

After all that I went skating this morning got an amazing sweat on and have since turned my day around for productivity.  You are not at the whim of life, life is at the whim of what you chose to do with it.  Leave your doors unlocked enough and the universe will put you in check.  Lock your doors enough and get organized and it's unlikely that you will lose or have your shit stollen.   

I'm going to say, this one is all my fault.