Day 199 of 365

Just over a year ago I listened to a podcast called the Tim Ferris Show.  It covers a range of topics from health, wealth, and happiness.  He has a host of guests on the show that are leading their fields.  Whether it be business, psychology, dating coaches, or even navy seals you name it he has had them on his podcast.  I don't listen to podcasts much anymore but for some strange reason, I remembered an episode of the Tim Ferris show that only surfaced in my memory today.  It was with a meditation and health guru that was discussing testosterone production.  He talked about a study where they exposed men to UV light on there chest and back for 20 minutes a day and their testosterone levels went up 120%.  Then they exposed other men's testicles to 20 minutes of UV light a day instead of their back and chest and their testosterone levels went up 200%.  I guess this all has something to do with Vitamin D and your testicles producing 90% of Men's testosterone.  All of this really meant nothing to me because all I could really think was yeah my balls have been in the dark for my entire life and it's about time I let these boys shine.  So today I woke up no one was home, I grabbed a book (You are a badass at making money) and I tanned my bean bag for 20 minutes.  I don't feel any different.  I guess it was no different than reading in the sun either way except I was naked.  If there is one thing I have learned about this experience.  Try new things.  Even if it sounds weird doing the same old things will keep you in the same old place.  

Tan your balls, or whatever you have just get some sunlight it's good for you just don't overdo it you don't want to burn your down stairs.