Day 200 of 365

I can't believe that I have actually written 200 of these things and I still haven't learned a thing about grammar.  Hey, it's an exercise!  Today was amazing.  I got to work with 2 of my favorite people and someone who has been a complete mentor in my life.  Frank Jennette.  His demeanor has been a real staple in how I'd like to carry myself throughout life.  He's a very intelligent business owner but yet he sticks his head in the dirt working at the bottom of the totem pole with his workers.  Humble may not be the best word to describe it because his mindset is beyond that and since I can't think of anything more suitable at the moment, I will say Frank is extremely humble.  

I guess I'd like to ask you guys something for once.  Do you have any mentors in your life that seemed to have come into your life by coincidence?  Do you have a mentor?  If not do you want one, think you need one or have a plan on getting one?  Or are you a mentor? 

I think so much of life is manifested.  Your actions and thoughts work together in alignment.  If they aren't aligning well then your desires are most likely not happening.

When I met Frank and then Manuel I was in desperate need of a male mentor.  I was extremely aggressive I frequently got into fights and although I may have been a polite person I was reckless in my struggle to define my masculine identity.  Frank was a family friend and I eventually worked with him over the summer doing some of the hardest work I'd ever done. What I didn't realize was that it was the conversations in between work in which learned the most not in the actual trade itself.  

Growing up without a father I really had no idea what it meant to be a man let alone a good man or a father.  I had a jumbled perception of the American man.  I grew up with some amazing uncles but I saw people like Stiffler, Van Wilder, and Rambo more than I hung out with my uncles in my early teens.  This left my oldest mentors to be my brothers and older friends, not a good thing when you're an impressionable 16-year-old. 

Fast forward to working with Frank and Manuel probably from the age of 18 or so.  You'd think it was a coincidence working with these guys, a recommendation of a family friend etc. but I know these kinds of things are manifested.  It's was exactly what I needed, to work with 2 guys that had grown up without their Fathers and for both of them to be the best examples of what a good man is.  

It's inspiring to be around such hardworking and selfless men.  To see how they love their children and to be around such a drive.  Because of these two guys, my idea of what I strive to be as a one day husband, father and all around a person is solid like a fucking stone.  

I never met a man worth his salt that hasn't worked his balls off to get to there.