Day 190 of 365

Change your life fast. 

I know I’ve spoken on the importance of having a good community before but I don’t think it has ever been so crucial or apparent to me in my life as it is right now. 
If you want to create change in your life start hanging out with people that are positive, achieving their goals, and are driven as hell. 
It will only rub off on you and the most important part is that it will expose the negative people in your life. 
These negative people maybe are really good people. They may help you whenever you need it.  They may even be driven as hell but their negativity will burn you and them out in the long run. 
Relationships should not wear you down emotionally. 
I know it’s extremely hard to see this when you're in the middle of it but if you ever find yourself weighing the goods against the bads, get out!
I can tell you right there stop otherwise you’re in for an exhausting relationship with this person.  
That goes for friendships and relationships. 

The past two months I have been reading, writing, working on my outlook on things and spending time with new people. It has really increased my positivity.  
Not that somethings don’t suck because god damn I hate stubbing my pinky toe but you get over it quickly when you’re positive. 
You become more resilient.  

If your reading this I’m sure you are open to change in you’re life.
Try hanging out with someone new soon. 
Someone who is healthy, electric, positive, have themselves put together for the most part or is heading there fast. 
Realize who is draining in your life and who is lighting you up with positive energy or inspires you to take action. 
Hang out with the person you want to be.