Day 191 of 365

The smell of grass instead of trash. 
I feel free in New York most of the time but the constant marketing is an easy to overlook burden on your self-esteem.  You constantly need more, need to dress up, need a nicer car, bigger apartment.  The truth is you don't really need much to survive and those adds are coming from a place of scarcity.  This is how they get you to buy things as if there isn't enough for everyone.  The truth is we live in a culture of abundance.  There is enough cars, clothes, houses, food and MONEY yes MONEY for everyone to have a lot of it.  This doesn't mean they should be handed to you it takes years of consistent smart, and hard work to obtain these things. 

Being back in Ct this week it's slower but still beautiful in its own unique way. 
I haven't run barefoot in the grass in probably over a year, I haven't driven with my windows down and smelled anything but trash in a long time either and it's amazing what that does for your brain.  I feel so focused so calm this week.  Whereas in New York there are endless distractions. 

The point I'm getting at today is that wherever we are physically we need to come from a mindset of abundance and not lack. 

New York has lots of amazing people, food, things to do, networks to tap into.  Not New York has no trees, pools, grass, nature. 

Connecticut has tons of grass, trees, pools, beautiful houses, yards, barbecues and bonfires.  Not Connecticut has no photo community, late night events, networking, etc. 

Train your brain to come from a place of abundance you will be a much happier person for it.