How to get over an ex.

DAY 208 of 365

Don't go backwards....ever. 
Only forwards. 
It's not simple at all. 
It's extremely painful but if you remember and keep in your head the reason you ended things each day becomes better and better.

All of the good things I have in my life have come from putting myself through pain or discomfort. 

Do not romanticize the good times or your ex's good characteristics you wouldn't be broken up if you were still right for each other.  You or they wouldn't have made this decision to split if this person was right for you.  If they're only perfect sometimes they are not the one for you. 
On to the next note. 
Never go back. 
It's messy. 
The change you want, you will never see because no one will ever change for you, they will only change for themselves.