Skating Stamford Connecticut

Day 209 of 365

Life is good. 
I know I may write seemingly depressing things often but I have nothing to complain about. 
My writing is simply a way of purging whatever my brain is thinking onto paper. 
Its a process of becoming more self aware everyday and to progress you need to seek out things you can improve. 
That may sound self critical but its more liberating if you ask me. 
Having something to improve is exciting. 
It gives you something to work also pushes you to seek out new opportunites. 

So if my writings ever seen depressing, overly self critical, etc.  just know it's my way of bringing awareness to my faults and my strengths.  It's a daily ritual not to be taken too seriously. 
After all I'm just having fun.  

Featured below. 
Mike Eggleton.