Day 193 of 365

Wolcott truly is a beautiful town but we often overlook that because most people here are always so worked up.  Why?  I have no fucking clue.  This place is like a Utopia of sorts.  It has everything anyone could ever need but as humans, we are developed for progression.  We seek out the negative so that we can fix things or make them better.  I think it's important to have a positive relationship with this progression.  Recognize whats not working address these things fix them move on.  Heres the kicker if you CAN'T FIX IT......still MOVE ON.  Don't fucking sit there with your thumb in your ass waiting for things to be like they used to be.  This goes for a lot of things but in particular with friends. 

I was raised to not hold grudges.  Your older brother beats your ass and your mad at him well too bad you both have to get up, look each other in the eye, shake hands say sorry and mean it.  If your parents didn't make you do this I feel bad for you.  My mother has some old school grit to her and it has made my life all the better for having been raised that way.  I don't sweat the small stuff and in that, I have realized two things 1 that it's how I was brought up and 2 its has become a choice not to give a fuck.  A lot of things in life suck acknowledge it get over it.

So here's where the friendship part of things comes in.  I had a "friend"  I'll use that term lightly because only I was loyal to the relationship.  It was a bad friendship I gave and gave and always felt guilty and I let that go on for too long.  We got in a simple argument, I apologized and 2 years later the guy still hates me.  I used to drop in every couple months or so to say hey come on life's too short let's drop this only to get a fuck you die or a no.  These kinds of people suck big fat dick.  It's my fault for having too much loyalty to someone I couldn't recognize was a spoiled asshole and it made me learn a lot.  I've become much better at recognizing these types of people and I now know it's not my job to cater to anyone.  If anyone guilts you into doing things get away fast.  That shit is toxic.  Also if someone is willing to hold a grudge I don't care over what stay away.  They'll probably do the same thing to you unless you cater to their sensitivity. 

Lastly, don't drag yourself down thinking about a lost friendship or missing the times you had with the person.  CHANGE.  It's a good thing.  Working daily towards positivity has led me to be such a happier person and it has brought some amazing new people into my life.  If you're upset about missing an old friend you can't dwell on the past you can only dwell on the present.  Look around you.  Do you love the people sitting next to you?  Even if you love your old friend it's their loss.  You're in a great place if you love the people around you.  Don't waste that on old thoughts. 

Life still is way too short.  I like to spend mine with good people.  Loyal people.  People that aren't afraid to hurt my feelings if they tell me the truth or if they're honest with me.  

With all of that said small towns are a beautiful place to live but steer clear of the people that don't recognize the beauty around them and those that allow drama in their lives.